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NESDA Code of Ethics

  • I will conduct my individual business in a manner to insure the good will and confidence of the public whom I serve.

  • I will not participate in any false or misleading advertising.

  • I will maintain adequate equipment and qualified personnel in order to perform quality service to the public and the trade for fair, equitable and nondiscriminatory charges.

  • I will not perform, or cause to be performed, any act which would tend to reflect adversely on our industry, fellow members, competitors or manufacturers.

  • I will comply both in spirit and letter with rules and regulations prescribed by the law and by government agencies for the health, safety and well-being of my employees and the public.

  • I will maintain liability and financial responsibility in order to uphold the guarantee for all work undertaken.

  • I will represent manufacturers in an honest and intelligent manner to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and understanding and to best serve our combined interests.

  • I will offer clean, attractive, and inviting facilities as well as courteous and competent personnel. Accurate statements or invoices will be rendered to the customers and a comprehensive record of all work will be kept. I will strive to assure that my prices are understood and easily available.

  • All complaints will be promptly and courteously handled.

  • The property of all customers will be carefully handled and adequate insurance will be carried to protect this property while in my custody.

  • I will seek always to improve myself, to increase my efficiency, and to better my services.

  • I will perform only such work as is needed and authorized by the customer, and all parts will be new and first quality unless otherwise specified.

  • I will strive to continually improve the image and reputation of the industry by practicing good and enlightened public relations in the community, and to keep the community adequately informed of the functions and services of my firm and the industry.

  • I will participate loyally in the industry's growth and progress through the activities and public interest efforts of the association.


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