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Certified Electronics Service Center
NESDA Certified Electronics Service Center Program

What is the Certified Electronics Service Center Program?
Denoted by the special CESC logo in the locator on this website, the Certified Electronics Service Center program is a tool to aid consumers in recognizing quality service centers, to help electronics product makers and extended warranty administrators select approved agents for in-warranty or out-of-warranty services, and to provide a standard for professional service firms that desire to offer outstanding customer service.

What’s Required?
The Certified Electronics Service Center program is open to all electronics and service,
repair and installation companies located within the United States who are also members of
NESDA in good standing.

To be eligible for the Certified Electronics Service Center program, a service center agrees
to adhere to the requirements that have been developed by the NESDA CESC Committee.
These requirements cover facility service ability; code of conduct; test equipment and tools;
customer service and warranty policies; management ability; technician certifications,
licensing, insurance, background screening for outside technicians for CESC+, and
professional appearance of workers and the business.

Requirement 1: Repair Facility
Each Certified Electronics Service Center is asked to have a storefront or other fixed,
permanent and professional place of business suitable to the nature of the business and
that complies with all applicable zoning laws. Exceptions to the visible repair facility
requirement will be reviewed by the Certification Approval Committee.

Requirement 2: Adherence to Code of Conduct
Each Certified Service Center shall agree to abide by the established Code of Ethics.

Requirement 3: Industry Approved Equipment
Each Certified Electronics Service Center shall have and maintain in good repair the
industry approved minimum test equipment for each product category for which they are

Requirement 4: Customer Service Program
Each Certified Electronics Service Center agrees to have a written customer service
program that includes a customer communication and customer relations process.
The written policy should:
• Outline the procedures used to inform customers of the following: (a) estimates, (b)
revised estimates, (c) parts to be ordered, (d) parts on backorder, (e) completion of
repair, (f) service delays and (g) field service appointments.
• Describe the methods used to gather information from the customer regarding the
perceived quality of service received.
• Describe how this information is then used to improve the level of service provided to
the customer.
• Include copies of surveys, charts and reports that are utilized for this purpose.
• Explain the process used to resolve a customer complaint -- including a list of each
step of that process, the person responsible for that step and the required time frame
for action.
• Be posted for customer inspection.

Requirement 5: Technical Certification
At least 25% of all technicians and technical workers employed by each CESC applicant must be certified by a recognized national certification provider. Upon renewal, 25% or more of technicians employed by each CESC must have journeyman level certifications.

ISCET has entry-level (associate) certification programs. Other certification provider programs will be considered by the CESC Certification Oversight Committee on a case-by-case basis.
Approved Associate and Journeyman Level Certifications:

• Associate (CET) ISCET
(May be renewed with required number of Continuing Education Units - CEU)
• Certified Electronics Technician (CET) ISCET
• Multimedia Systems Technician (MST) ISCET

Requirement 6: Service Manager and Customer Service Representative Certifications
Each Certified Electronics Service Center shall employ at least one manager who has
passed the Certified Service Manager exam, the equivalent approved management training
courses, or holds a two-year associate business degree (or higher).

Approved Service Manager Certifications
• Certified Service Manager (CSM) – NESDA
• 2 year Associate Business Degree or Higher
• Approved Customer Service Representative Certifications
• Customer Service Representative (CSR) - NESDA

Requirement 7: Licensing Requirements
Each Certified Electronics Service Center shall comply with all federal, state and local
business licensing and zoning laws.

Requirement 8: Insurance Coverage
Each Certified Electronics Service Center agrees to maintain insurance coverage for
business liability and customer merchandise.

Requirement 9: Service Warranty
Each Certified Electronics Service Center shall provide a reasonable warranty on labor
performed and on parts replaced from the date the product was returned to the customer.
Each service center shall post warranty policy and comply with local, state, and federal
warranty laws.

Requirement 10: Professional Appearance
Each Certified Electronics Service Center shall:
• display prominent signage on the outside of the building that clearly identifies the
business and meets all applicable codes
• maintain a neat, clean and professional appearance
• maintain a written dress code for the employees that greet the public including
employees that assist the customer in person and those that assist the customer in
the field. The dress code should include a statement describing the image that the
employee should project, a statement that describes any required elements of dress,
appearance and grooming, and a statement that describes any prohibited elements
of dress, appearance and grooming.

To qualify for CESC+ certification, there is an additional requirement for drug testing and background screening of employees.

Requirement 11: Outside Technician Background Screening
Each Certified Electronics Service Center shall run a background check and drug screen on its employees.

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